Friday, December 29, 2006

It's bowl time

So, Penn State meets the tennessee volunteers in the Outback Bowl this New Year's Day. The Lions' game kicks off at 11am (EST) - and 12 hours of College Football fun. 5 other bowl games are scheduled for Monday, including the Rose Bowl (UM v USC).

We're having an Open House to celebrate - we figured we'd be "in" for the day, serving our favorite football fare, so why not invite the neighborhood over?

We'll be serving New Year's Pork and Sauerkraut; potatoes; queso & chips; cheese & meats - featuring a blue cheese cheese log; chips, pretzels, etc; keilbasa; kir ROARals (a Suzanne creation); and much much more.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

michigan state tailgate

"don't worry about it - I'm getting an egg"

We served sausage scallopini (yum!), penn state pasta salad (in all honesty, the blue noodles were freaky
- I don't think I'll be getting this again), garlic crescents; mini pizza bread; pizza bread; assorted meats and cheeses; grilled garlic kielbasa; assorted cookies/pastries from a local italian bakery; cannoli; sweet potato pie; hot cider with spiced rum (a combination which we found out, thanks to the internet, is called a "broken leg" in the world of cocktails - since the tailgate was in honor of coach paterno - this was an easy choice); and, chips, crackers, beer (paulander pils), hot drinks, etc.

The funniest moment of the day was early on, while we were still setting up. I was sitting down, arranging the cookies on a platter when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I see something hit the ground and splatter up toward my leg/boot - simultaneously I hear shouting and laughter - My first thought was "why the heck are those kids playing water balloons?" - it wasn't a water balloon - it was an egg - and it had hit me. After 30 seconds of confusion - I come to understand that, for charity, 2 kids are going around the parking lot "selling" eggs and letting "you" throw them at them. The young lady was wearing a clear trash bag and a bulleye on her torso with "MSU" written across it (Target Girl) - Apparently a gentleman 5 CARS DOWN THE HILL had purchased one such egg and so egregiously missed the mark that it flew up to our spot, and my pant leg. Much hooting and hollering could be heard from their tailgate - and, by the time the purveyors of eggs reached our spot - I had already told Suzanne - "I'm getting an egg" - a look of wicked childhood glee crossed her face (one reserved for 2nd and middle children) - By this time the young man who had thrown the egg had come up to apologize - I gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder and said "Don't worry about it. I'm getting an egg". To make the story a little bit longer - I did buy an egg (from Money Boy) - and target girl obligingly stood in front of me as I lofted my egg (pre-cracked - a tip from Money Boy) into the air - for the second time in my life the winds of the gods of fair play guided my projectile to its mark - and I hit the kid right on the numbers of his jersey - the egg bounced off his belly and smashed to the ground. Cue eruption of laughter. I think the kid was surprised that I actually threw it at him - which was odd, because I told him I was going to.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

PENN STATE michigan state - Senior Day

Penn Staters,

Saturday, November 18th is the final football game of the 2006 season. It has been a rocky season: rain, wind, mud, irksome parking attendants, and that's just on the football field!

The tailgates, with all of the adversities that Mamma Nature has tried to throw at us have been great - and we hope to finish out the season with a bang!

We wish the same for the Nittany Lions, as Penn State hosts the michigan state spartans. Kickoff is at 12pm and the game will be televised on ESPN 2 - Accuweather is forecasting "variably cloudy" with a high of 47 - it's expected to rain during the week - hopefully all will be dried out by Saturday!

Sparty and the michigan state faithful (and I mean faithful) wear gear of green and white. They have had a terrible season - one that began with promise, and ostensibly ended during the 4th quarter of their match up against notre dame - nothing has been good for them ever since (although they did, against northwestern, record the largest comeback in NCAA football (DIA) history). It is Drew Stanton's final game (it's about time!) and the final outing for coach John L. Smith. The last 2 times PSU and msu have met up the spartans were playing for bowl eligibility (denied both times, btw) - but this week they play for nothing other than pride. Assuming that they do have some left, the Lions must be prepared and play with intensity - last week was fun, but this week means something.

Parking lots open at 7am and we will be there waiting line - We park in the western half (yellow) of Lot 13 (directly across Park Ave from the soccer field) - email us for cell phone numbers if you don't already have them - look for our super distinctive Penn State flag (immediately preceding clause to be read with sarcastic tone).

In honor of Coach Paterno, we'll be dishing up an assortment of Italian favorites, featuring sausage scallopini, crostini, (Penn State) pasta salad, meats and cheeses and, of course, some delicious desserts.

If you're going to be up for the game, please stop by and see us - all are welcome - send us an email or call if you can, so we can plan accordingly. Contributions are always welcome, but never compulsory. If you can't be there, please feel free to forward this email to any and all Penn Staters you know.

Hope to see you there!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Americana Tailgate, revisted

It was pitch black and very cold when our morning started for the 5th home game of the season and our 2nd diesel tailgate of 2006. We arrived at lot 13 at 0630 hrs. Our largest convey to date started at the 10th vehicle in line for the lot.

After a quick half hour of socializing in the dark, the lots were opened. The parking attendants did a horrible job of attempting to pack us in like sardines. No one wanted to park as close to us as they were directed. Lucky for us, we were able to throw out a few canopies to widen the gap. A few smart parkers in the first row didn’t pull all the way up to the fence until after the 2nd row had stopped. Official Stats
Total hours: 17
Guests: 80
Pounds of BBQ: 30 *
Donations: $186 *
Vehicles: 7 *
Hours driving
Vaughn home: 1.5 *
Words in this
newsletter: 3,259 *
* new records

As chairs and tables were set up, the kitchen was assembled. We put a little bit more thought and planning into the kitchen arrangement to keep hungry tailgaters out of the way of the cooks. It also allowed the cooks to see and enjoy the tailgate while helping out. The flag pole was set up last.

Elyses' brother and friends dropped off their giant boat-sized cooler and said they'll be back later. This park-bench-sized cooler was big enough to stuff a few bodies in, but it was filled with beer.

For some odd reason, one of the early morning parkers decided to leave before our setup was complete. This opened up a space for the fire place on the other side of the aisle.

Beth, Carter and Julia cooked an assortment of breakfast meats. Mad and Suz sat out a collection of muffins. Chris’ Ma brought 2 of her famous apple pies too. Mimosas were passed around, and the first batch of hard cider was heated up.

The sun came out and the temperature began to rise as the morning hours passed. We were greeted by blue skies.

Chris and I played the first game of polish horseshoes. Chris’s winning streak remains intact at 1000-1. Then we played Team CT (Rob and Chris) vs Team Hawaii (Carter and Jessie) Chris had to break out the new “Put on your diesel tailgate game face hand signal” when some people (Rob) couldn’t keep from being distracted by shiny objects (THA PSU Co-eds) To do this hand signal, start with your hand in front of your face with palm away. Pivot the hand away from the thumb while pulling down slightly. When the palm is facing you, curl the fingers as if grabbing the face mask of a helmet and make your game face. Grrr! You’ve got it.

The beginning of the end of Vaughn’s day was when he funneled 3 scalding hot glasses of hard apple cider. It just went downhill from there.

For the early lunch, Mad and Suz set up the "make your own barbecue" station including BBQ sauces of America TM + slaw (creamy and spicy), pickles, cheese, onions, bacon bits, heated up pulled pork and chicken. Chris K grilled up one “brick” of beef brisket to complete the meat trifecta.

Just before the noon kickoff, Alumni and students were dazzled with a helicopter fly-over which honored “LifeLion”, PSU’s medivac, 20 years of service without a single crash. From our seats in the south end zone, we were able to do quite a bit of leaf peeping. All of Happy Valley was decked out in reds, browns and oranges.

The offense looked promising during the first drive, but failed to get it in the end zone and had to settle for a 49-yard field goal. After that the first drive, the offense remained dormant for the rest of the game. The Fighting Illini raised their lead to 9-3 by half time.

The combined half-time show feature the blue band and alumni band’s renditions of modern dance songs, such as YMCA. Fans were really impressed by Blue sapphire PJ Maierhofer as well as several alumni feature twirlers.

In the second half, the defense turned things around. Anthony Scirrotto (#7) intercepted a long pass and returned it to midfield. Our offense went 3 and out on the following drive, but Jeremy Kapinos (#36) punted the ball to the Illini 2 yard line. The Illini didn’t give up the safety that the student section wanted, but were forced to punt. It was returned to the IL-34 to set up the offense’s only touchdown of the day. This put PSU in the lead for the first time.

A few minutes later, Paul Posluszny (#31) sacked “Juice” William and knocked the ball loose. The fumble was recovery by Tony Davis (#11) and ran in for a touch down. This raised the score to 17-9.

In the 4th quarter, the Illini were able to drive far enough to score 3 more points. Late in the quarter, “Juice” was sacked again and the ball was fumbled. Josh Gaines (#47) picked it up with dreams of the end zone. The crowd was going nuts. Unfortunately, Gaines was tackled and fumbled at the IL-11. Illinois recovered it. With the crowd back in the game, the defense was able to get a safety during the Illini’s next drive. Even the announcer was getting too excited, saying things like “and that brings up 4th DOWNNNNNN”.

With the score 19-12 and time quickly running out, the Illini attempted an on-side kick. All of the Illini overran the kick and it was scooped up by a wide open Anthony Scirrotto (#7). A quick 29-yard dash raised the score to its final mark of 26-12. Anthony later said, “To be honest, I saw this huge hole. No one was going to get me down; I wasn’t going to let anybody. I wanted to score big time. It was exciting.”

Penn State 26 Illinois 12

The game concluded with the ringing of the Victory bell, a gift from the class of 1978.

Penn State recorded its first safety since last season’s Orange Bowl against Florida State. It was the first safety in a regular season game for the Lions since Penn State had two safeties against Iowa in a 4-6 loss on Homecoming 2004 (HC4).

Paterno was not happy with the offense’s poor performance. In the post game interview, he said, “No, we’re just lousy. Can I get that across? It’s spelled l-o-u-s-y.”

Post game, Chris’s Ma and I wandered to the north end zone to watch Drum corner. It was quite an impressive show. After the entire drum line played, each section (snares, basses, cymbals and tenor) put on a show of their own.

Back at the tailgate, the afternoon temperature peaked at 60. Skies were sunny. Food was rolled out in mass quantities. The all of the BBQ was heated up again to feed hungry tailgaters. Chris fired up some sausage grillers, and I made a handful of bacon-cheddar burgers and had to chase Tim away who was camped out right in front of grill.

Matt called ahead to make sure that the deep fryer was heated up when he got back to the tailgate. He made just about everything in the deep fryer including: pierogies, cheese sticks, cheese and cream cheese poppers, corn dogs, Freedom toast sticks, blooming onions, turkey, breaded chicken bites, chicken wings, and freedom fries. Mad and Suz bought us the blooming onion kit, but unfortunately, they didn’t come out right this time. We’ll get ‘em right next time.

Shelley and Nick heated up some home-made pepperoni bread on the grill. It was so good.

This is about the time that Vaughn funnels 6-8 shots of Jagermeister at once. He chased it with a Busch pounder funnel.

While the turkey was cooking, the group photo was taken. This tailgate’s group photo was around the fireplace with the stadium in the background.

One of Chris’s favorite moments was when Suzanne asked Matt if he wanted a serving tray for some of the fried foods he was making after seeing him just keep dumping them into the same foil pan on the ground. Matt pointed to the group of savages huddled around the pan chowing down like they had never been fed before. He said, “No, I think we will be OK.”

The afternoon musical excitement continued. Carter’s stereo/car continues to be the loudest thing out there. He played a good mix of just about everything all day long. He even played thriller, which has been a huge hit since the Nittany Lion did it last season. With new hook-ups, he was even able to connect Kevin’s I-pod directly into the setup. Things were going pretty well, until Vaughn decided that he didn’t like the country music and decided to change it himself.

After spending much time trying to guess what he actually does for a living, Kelly found out that Vaughn works at Long John Silvers. She was giving him shit for not bringing any hush puppies. Vaughn said that he didn’t think anyone actually liked them, or that they would eat them with all of the other good food around. Apparently hush puppies are a lot more popular than he thought. A drunken Nick was taunting a very drunken Vaughn when he said "You're like a little leprechaun that nobody f***ing likes." This was a best quote all day. Then Vaughn proceeded to funnel a mixture of Carolina’s Irish Cream and Merlot and get even more fired up.

As evening descended after the Penn State victory, folks settled around the fireplace. There was an ever changing circle of people in the chairs around the fireplace and the ring of vultures ready to swarm on a seat when someone got up. Matt and his team loaded up his dad’s heavy Chevy and did a huge smoke show for the kids (FTK) especially Chris who kept yelling light ‘em up.

After we returned from our adventure, the few remaining tailgaters helped pack up and take it home at 2330 hrs.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to this tailgate. It’s always great to see old friends and make new friends. There were plenty of new faces out there. Many people were also excited to bring out their favorite foods for the next tailgate.

I’m sad that this is our last Diesel tailgate for the season. It’s been a great October to watch Penn State football. If you happen to be in town for any of the remaining home games, drop Mad & Suz a line.

We’ll see everyone out there again for Blue/White. My guess is that it will be April 21, 2007.

For the Glory,
Tailgating Coordinator


While the Lions have been struggling a bit on the field and poor Joe keeps getting knocked about - the tailgates have been a great success and tons of fun.

This weekend the Nittany Lions host the Temple Owls. Kickoff (hopefully we'll be onsides) is at 3:30pm and the game will be televised regionally on ESPN. The Owls have had another tough year, but they are rebuilding - their coach, Al Golden, is a former PSU player and he is dedicated to turning the program around, both athletically and academically. Temple's colors are Cherry and White - so leave your Strawberry Shortcake umbrella at home....

Because (no umbrellas are allowed in the stadium, and,) yes, it's forecasted to rain. High temperatures in the 50s but showers during the day.

Parking lots open at 8am - my guess is that we'll roll in around that time (assuming that the showers are scattered) - We park in the western half (yellow) of Lot 13 - email us for cell phone numbers if you don't already have them.

We'll be serving chili with fixins - with other tasty treats. Please come join us if you're going to be around. All are welcome (if you can, give us a call or email beforehand so we can add another can of beans).

Remember to root for the Lions as they fight fight fight against the Cherry and the White!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

this is a rant

In the wake of negative cheering; paternoville; having a beer in the parking lot during a PSU football game; Kerncraft 400 (ie Zombie Nation) Guess what PSU is now trying to phase out...Tailgating.

What? you say Tailgating? They'll never try to get rid of tailgating -it's an integral part of the Penn State experience - I'd have said the same thing, until last Saturday.

My ever faithful group of tailgaters and I were in line to park in Lot 13 at 06:30 Saturday morning - the lots opened at 7 and our convoy made its way to the front row of parking - as we exited our vehicles we noticed that the parking attendants were guiding the next row of cars remarkably close to our bumpers (seriously) - angry voices were shouting everywhere as the one attendant was yelling "park them closer - they want them closer" - I must have had a look of disbelief because she turned to me and said - "yeah, they're trying to phase out tailgating" - further dumbfounded I answered "tailgating? You can not be serious". To which she retorted "oh yes, it's out of control."

Out of control - I feel completely responsible for this - I apologize to the entire Penn State community for the 20 pounds of pulled pork and chicken that I brought into the lots, coupled with the 7 kinds of barbecue sauce, football shaped cake, pizza bread, keilbasa, chicken wings and other assorted snacks and desserts. I know that we, as a nation, and as a college community, have to take a responsible stance on the issue of consuming delicious foodstuffs outdoors, with great friends, in the number one college football arena, promoting camaraderie and team pride. Apparently it is an epidemic and must be stopped.

Or perhaps it's only in the "common man" parking (ie yellow) that is a target - because "preferred" parking was widely spaced and, of course there are no bans on canopies in reserved parking.

I am angry about this - and this post may well be the beginning of a letter to the editor of the CDT and/or Collegian - I've been "burnt" by those publications (okay edited) before - but I don't think we can just quietly sit by and let this happen.

Belated Northwestern recap

A cold grey Pennsylvania sky greeted us for our Oktoberfest tailgate. We lined up outside of Lot 13 at 0655. We had just over an hour to kill before the lots opened. Chris start the morning off properly with a Lager. It was a brisk 45 degrees. The fog rolled in while we were waiting.

The parking attendants opened the fields at 0755 and we made a bee line to our new parking spot. Changes in the regulations gave our old spot to “brown” preferred parking, so our new spot was along the mid-field fence. This is where we parked for HC4.

As set up began, Carter cooked breakfast on the grill. Mad and Suzanne brought out the Stuffin’ muffins and other breakfast treats. The morning fog lifted so we could see the stadium, but the sun didn’t come out. Chris and I got in a morning game of Polish horseshoes before the shoes were overtaken by tables and canopies.

Official Stats
Total hours: 16.5
Guests: 45
Donations: $55
Trucks: 3

Carter’s new stereo modification included 2 speaker towers on workstands. It was louder than anything in the parking lot.

Just in case you didn’t get enough at breakfast, Mad and Suz put out a collection of baked snacks including black forest bars, peanut brittle bars ,buckeye ball bars, picnic bars (chocolate and coconut), blueberry cheesecake brownies, carnutty bars (caramel, nuts & cream cheese), turtle brownies, truffle brownies, candy bar brownies (peanuts, chocolate & peanut butter frosting), butter bars (with blue sprinkles), almond toffee brownies, and raspberry streusel bars. It was quite the spread.

Matt cranked up the deep fryer for lunch. We had French toast sticks, pierogies, onion petals and cheese balls. Mad and Suz pulled out the stops. The “big ol' pork roast with sauerkraut” was cooked in the new propane slow cooker (a wedding gift) and Todd made bratwurst on the grill. Matt’s Ma and Pa brought out a baked bean dish and cheeses. Larry and Carol brought some awesome ring baloney with cheese. Mmmm.

We snapped the group photo just after lunch against the back of the truck just before game time. Intermittent rain started.

The game started with a C-17 flyover. It was much lower than I was expecting. Penn State dominated the “mildcats” on the field. Their only score was from an interception in the 2nd quarter. Deon Bulter (#3) set the school receiving yardage record. Tony Hunt (#26) passed the legendary Lenny Moore on State’s career rushing list. In the four quarter, Penn State picked up a fumble. It was ran back and by {insert name here} and dove in the end zone to make it 40-7. Unfortunately, the refs ruled it an incomplete pass and tacked on a big penalty. JoePa was not happy. Either way, the game ended on a good note as our record improved 3-2. “Me-ouch” indeed.

In a light post-game rain, there was a little light left in the sky. Even more food was cooked. Mad and Suz made mini-ruebens, mini-racheals and sauerkraut pockets. I cooked up a batch of bacon-cheddar burgers. Matt deep fried the turkey.

The rain stopped after dark and it warmed up a bit. Many tailgaters warmed up by the fireplace.

We finally decided to pack it up after the monsoon started. We rolled out at 2330 for a total of 16.5 hours of tailgating. Thanks to everyone who came out. This was really a good time.

And despite the administation’s best effort, everyone had a good time.

For the Glory,
Tailgating Coordinator

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Great Tailgate for um - Homecoming Americana Tailgate for illinois

The Lions match up with the university of illinois' fighting illini on Saturday, October 21st as they celebrate Homecoming 2006!
Gametime is 12pm - and parking lots open at 7am - we'll be there when they open the gates armed with breakfast treats and hot beverages. We'll be parking in the far side of Lot 13 - look for the PSU flags and submarine flag topper - for more detailed directions, email us for cell phone numbers.

This is our 2nd Diesel Tailgate extravaganza - check out the planning pages on for more info. Our theme is Americana as we cheer on our team, alumni and country. We'll be serving a variety of down home favorites including a wagon load of pulled pork, chicken, brisket and other barbecue favorites!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

PSU um Tailgate!

Are you ready to tailgate?

PSU hosts the michigan wolverines on October 14th for a good old fashioned grudge match. Kick off is at 8pm (ABC) - gates open at 8am - that's 12 hours of pre-game tailgating! There's no need to hype this one - it's the biggest home game of the season.

I'm not going to tell you the current forecast, because it's been changing everyday - but one thing has been consistent - it's going to be chilly (50s and 40s chilly) - so dress accordingly. Be sure to bring a white shirt (shawl, sheet, trash bag) to wear into the game - as they've declared a White Out!

We plan to park in Lot 13 - last week we were in our properly designated area- but who knows what will happen (seriously, anyone?) - Look for the Penn State flag (still working on customizing) and email us for cell numbers if you don't already have them.

We'll be serving up pub favorites from the British Isles all day long - including hot roast beef, meat pies, potatoes, desserts and much more. As always, all are welcome and contributions are appreciated but not necessary. Let us know if you'll be around and we'll plan accordingly. (Seriously, 12 hours).

We hope to see you there!

2 the Lion!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oktoberfest 2006

Guten tag!

Join us as we welcome the Nittany Lions back to Happy Valley and celebrate Oktoberfest 2006 on Saturday, September 30th!

The Lions host the northwestern wildcats at 3:30pm - the game will be televised on ABC. The wildcats have weathered a difficult season/ year already, but this is Big Ten Football and the Lions need to be ready. northwestern has a young and agile quarterback - named Kafka - here's hoping the Lion's D will Metamorphosize his backside.

This is a Diesel Tailgate extravaganza - check out the diesel website (see link on the side) for tons more information. We will be serving a huge variety of German fare and tailgating favorites. We also have some fun activities planned!

Accuweather's current forecast is clouds and sun with a high of 60 degrees (Real Feel 57) - and at night it's going to be in the 40s - there's a chance of thunderstorms - no accumulation is in the forecast - but it's best to be prepared...

The parking lots open at 8am - we will be there waiting in line when they do - Our goal, as always, is lot 13 - you will be able to find us by looking for the Diesel flags and the submarine flag topper. For more detailed directions, please contact us for cell phone numbers.

If you think you may be in town, let us know a.s.a.p. so we can plan accordingly. If you need directions or more information, you can email us or check out the diesel website.

Auf der Löwe!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

PENN STATE v younstown state

Greetings fans,

Penn State does battle with the Penguins of Youngstown State on Saturday, September 16th at Beaver Stadium. Game time is set for 3:30pm and the game will be televised on ESPNU. The penguins are defending champions of the Gateway conference and a fairly formidable team in their league. The Lions can't be looking behind or ahead this week - they must concentrate on the game at hand.

The current forecast is Sunshine and a high of 77.

The gates to the parking lots open at 8am and due to the changes in the parking lots we plan to be there early to assess the new layout. Our plan is still to be in Lot 13 - email us for cell phone numbers if you don't already have them.

We'll be serving some wines from around the world - along with complimentary fare ("you are so good looking") - as always, all are welcome. Send us an email (or call) if you think you'll be around for the game.

Hope to see you there!

2 the Lion!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If you are lucky enough

to be going to the game this weekend - you know what I'm talking about - PSU is encouraging you to wear white as our unifying color. Away game white out -


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

Well, we did tailgate, but not in Lot 13 (or anywhere near there) - so I, sadly, can not report first hand about the parking changes.

We parked in the Eisenhower parking garage - under cover and just a short walk to the stadium - no open flames (we brought pre-heated food) and no open container (they weren't "open" for long) - but it was a really great "alternative venue" - it was a small group and we just couldn't stomach the idea of sitting in the mud for 5 hours just to go and sit in the rain for 4 hours just to have to go home and clean everything. That morning we went to Wegmans and got some fried chicken, ribs and potato pancakes from the deli, some cheeses and meats. We re-heated the food at mom's and filled our thermos carafes with hot water. Mr & Mrs Olah brought delicious treats from the family farm, including fresh salsa and roasted red peppers. It was a pretty good spread and we were so happy to be out of the elements, especially the mud!

So it worked out great - the new career development building and new creamery provided warm, dry and clean bathrooms. We parked in an "end spot" and had a whole "Xed out" area to set up the tables and chairs.

At around 2pm we donned our rain gear (rubber suits for grown ups) and we headed over to the stadium - We walked around the North end of the stadium and I noticed that the "blue parking" in lot 13 was not full, but, as we expected, the yellow parking is in that next area - it was pretty full. The lots looked terrible though - puddles of mud.

we got to our seats about 50 minutes before the game and were able to see the kids warming up and listen to the band.

The game was good - Morelli surprised me - lots of work to be done before next week; lots.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Traveling to Happy Valley? Watch for these road projects

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Traveling to Happy Valley? Watch for these road projects

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Football tailgaters will face new rules

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Football tailgaters will face new rules

Centre Daily Times - Soggy football forecast offered - Soggy football forecast offered

We may cancel the tailgate if it's really this bad - parking in a cow pasture just doesn't seem like a smart idea.

Out of touch = PSU community

Centre Daily Times | 08/30/2006 | Penn State announces partial alcohol ban at stadium

Football games are not your problem (except maybe ticket scalping - but that's another post) -

I have no doubt that this is a knee-jerk reaction to PSU being named the #2 party school in the Princeton review (behind U Texas) - of course very few folks mention that said study was conducted by interviewing around 300 students from each institution - Hello? we have 40K.

Personally, I see nothing (that) wrong with being on that list - if you check the academic records of the listed schools, we're in excellent academic company.

And the rain rain rain came down down down

Oh bother.

Rain - all day on Saturday - in the morning, in the evening (ain't we got puddles?)

Temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s - gotta find those closed toe shoes (where are they?) -

Rain gear, canopies and cheery dispositions will be necessities for this week's outing.

Here's hoping we get sun for ysu.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


And I thought Ernesto was going to be the only pain this weekend...

As feared, the Parking Committee has reared it's ugly head and has altered the parking maps.

Lot 13 is still available to Yellow Parking (note - only pre-paid) - but a large portion (ie, where we've been tailgating the last 2 years) has been sectioned off for Blue (prefered general admission) parking.

So there will be changes if you don't have a parking pass - AND our location will be changed as well.

If you are coming to the akron tailgate, please email us for our cell numbers (if you don't already have them); otherwise, we'll keep you posted here and at with updates after this weekend.

Ernesto, Ernesto

It would appear that Hurricane Ernesto has changed our "plenty of sunshine highs in the low 80s" forecast for Saturday to be "Cloudy and breezy with a chance of rain. High 69, Real Feel 66".

Monday, August 28, 2006

Diesel Update


Hello. Everyone's excited for football season this weekend. I can't belive it's finally here. We've got plenty of new tricks up our sleeves to make this tailgating season even better than last year.

Invites will be different for the 2006 season. We will be using Evite. It's easy and free. If you are using web-based email or have a spam blocker, please add "" to your address book now. Otherwise, the invitation may get blocked or lost. Expect to see the invitations in early September and October for our 2 diesel tailgates this season.

New for 2006: You can use paypal to send me money to pay for tailgate items, beer, hotel reservations or just to donate . It's free for both of us.

More tailgate info:

For the Glory,
Tailgating Coordinator

PENN STATE v akron

Hey Penn Staters,

It's finally time for football season!!!! On September 2nd Penn State hosts the university of akron and zippy the kangaroo (he's been the mascot since 1953 - apparently the kangaroo, and, as you'll see in a future email, the penguin, are indigenous to ohio). Kick off is at 3:30pm and the game will be televised on ESPN 2. The Zips sport blue and old gold uniforms - so break out the silver jewelry/accessories/riveted jeans -

We will be tailgating in Lot 13 (this is, of course, barring any last minute craziness by the parking committee) - the lots open at 8am.

We'll be serving grilled seafood and salad - let us know if you'll be around so we can plan accordingly.

Check out for more information (and our blog -

There is a ton of chatter on the internet about pre-season rankings. Most pundits rank PSU in the high teens (#19 on AP poll). There are a lot of questions to be answered: offensive line, D-line, young secondary, young wideouts, no tight end, role of running game, and, of course, Mr. Morelli.

According to Joe, Akron is a tough team - they have a good running back and a great quarterback - never underestimate or look past an opponent (this maybe the most difficult week, ever, to keep true to that adage, but we can try).

Fight on State!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Limited Number of seats available for 3 games - Limited Number Tickets Remain for Three Nittany Lions' Home Games

can you guess which 3? can you? Apparently the teams have returned a "portion" of their allotment - bully for us.

Sept 2nd;
Sept 16th; and,
Nov 11th

Friday, August 11, 2006

Oktoberfest 2006

Planning planning planning! Time to get ready for football season and our first Diesel Tailgate! September 30th marks our 4th annual Oktoberfest!

With the power that is the Diesel Tailgate we expect this to be the best Beer Garten yet! Check out the planning page(s) on the Diesel site ( and get ready for some fun!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One month, one week!

From Email sent to football faithful...

Hello Penn Staters!

Off Seasons Greetings! We hope that this finds you all well and
at least mildly entertained by your respective non-college football
diversions (mine: World Cup) while you count down the hours until

We're writing today to ask if you (and/or anyone you might know to be
interested in such) are planning to be at any home games this year.

Penn State hosts 7 home games this year, including the return of
michigan to Happy Valley as well as old East Coast rival Temple. The
first 2 home games Akron (Sept 2nd) and Youngstown State (Sept 16th)
bookend the Lions' first "big game" of the season against notre dame in
South Bend. We will be joining tailgating forces with the Diesel
Tailgaters for the September 30th game against Northwestern (scheduled
theme: Oktoberfest, of course) and the October 21st Homecoming matchup
against Illinois. November brings the Temple Owls back to town (11/11)
and the Lions finish off the season at home against michigan state

Oh yeah, and the PSU um game is September 14th, with an 8pm kickoff
(like I'd forget that one) - as the start time suggests (nay, demands),
it will be a day long extravaganza.

We're starting to compose our menus and shopping lists, so let us know
if you're going to be around and we will plan accordingly.

As always, please feel free to forward our email to anyone you think
may be interested (or send us their email); the more the merrier!

Madeline and Suzanne.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Per the Tailgating Coordinator

Hey Alumni,

Just a reminder: If would like to see the games that we are tailgating, single game alumni tickets are going on sale at 1000 hrs June 30. You can only get tickets thru There is a limit of two tickets for the Saturday, Oct. 21 Homecoming battle with Illinois. Tickets are selling out fast, so be sure to get them now.

I also have 2 tickets to sit with Johnny (AKA Chris F) and I in section WCU for $50 each. Let me know if you'd like to sit with us.

Our 2006 tailgates are :
09-30-2006 Northwestern (Oktoberfest tailgate)
10-21-2006 Illinois (Homecoming)

I also still have hotel rooms for the games we are tailgating. The sooner you let me know, the more likely we'll still have space.

More info can be found at

For the Glory,

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


yep - we've reached hit 2000 - it was fun watching the 1900s "hey so and so was born in 19XX" "hey, I was born in 19XX" "hey, I hate everyone born in 19XX, and after, cause they're younger than me!"

Still working on new website components - We have added a chat room.

I will be sending around a "save the dates" email soon - to get an idea of who may be coming up for which games.

It's time to start planning!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Exciting changes at

Our parent website (sounds so corporate),, is one year old.  Awwwwwwwh.  And we're closing in on 2000 hits!  Not bad progress for the off season.

We've recently acquired the domain "" which we are going to use as a subsidiary site, hosting photo albums, blogs, maps, and other "dynamic" features.  Look for that to be up and running sometime this month.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blue White 2006 - Recap Part One

Well, Rob from Diesel Tailgate has posted his recap of the tailgate/day - so I guess I should catch-up and post mine. I've had this written for weeks (oh yeah?) but am just now finding time to type it...or at least some of it...

Saturday morning began dreary - misting rain and gray. I was particularly peeved because the 2 preceding days had been "perfect!" - we knew that the forecast was for rain - but we were cautiously optimistic that if the weather stayed as it was at 6am then it would be so bad. Sadly, that was (just about) the clearest part of the day.

We left Mom's house at 7:15am and drove to Walmart to pick up ice. We were the first to arrive at the "meeting point" outside of the Nittany Lion Inn. The rest of the convoy trickled in and we were on our way to the stadium before 8am. We pulled into the parking lot on the west side of the stadium and parked in the front row of tailgaters.

The weather was annoying but it didn't dampen our fun. We set up the 3 canopies ("but what if I only have a cup of pee?" - will never get old; never) chairs and tables, collected coolers and various libations and soon had breakfast on the grill(s). Suz had pre-made breakfast egg dishes, the crust of which was Stove Top Stuffing (instead of potatoes) with scrambled egg, breakfast meats and cheese on top; these were quickly dubbed "stuffin muffins". I warmed them on the new grill along with some "meat pies." I also made some makeshift homefries from Birdseye potatoes and bacon grease; I had made a "hashbrown casserole" but I used fresh potatoes instead of frozen and, let's just say, the color of the cooked product was not appetizing - tasted great, just couldn't serve it. Beth and Brian made bacon, sausage and pancakes on other grills.

Suz assembled the group drink "OrangeBowlina" which she had created during the Orange Bowl broadcast in January. The citrus vodka, orange juice and lemon/lime soda recipe translated well into mass quantities and all 5 Gallons were consumed in record time.

The rain did alter eating habits and presentation, but it was all good. A little later we served more meat pies (including keilbasa rolls, sausage biscuits and beef pockets). I grilled up the shrimp - which again, were a big hit. We served mac n' cheese and meatballs in red sauce in our "hot trays" (love them!).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Joe's in the Hall and the brainwahing continues

The College Football Hall of Fame has changed its rules for induction. Previously only retired coaches could be elected into the Hall, but now, any coach over the age of 75 is eligible. So, guess who is in the first class of inductees since the rule change? Yup, Joe Paterno.

As far as the brainwashing goes - Katie's mom told me a great story. After the Kentucky Derby, the Philadelphia Inquirer had a big picture of Barbaro on the front of the sports section. Amy, the 2 year old, LOVES horses and wanted the picture - so Kelly cut out the picture and Amy was running around with her "horsie" - Katie, never one to be left out of the fun, complained to her mother that she wanted a "picture" also. Tired, she cut out the other "big" photo on the front page, which happened to be a picture of Joe Paterno (having just been elected in to the Hall) - apparently Katie ran around their house touting the greatness of "my Joseph" and the picture was later found tucked safely into one of the family beds. When asked if she was "going to go to Penn State for college" Katie replied "No, I'm going to go with Madeline" - she was then told, "well, that's were Madeline went" so then it was okay. It's working!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

We're famous...

Diesel tailgate in picture on

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

Blue White 2006


I'll post a better re-cap later - but I wanted to post a few pictures. We got our flag pole - so cool, so very cool.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blue white nears...

per the coordinator...

Excited Tailgaters,

I can't believe that it's almost here. This is looking to be a very awesome tailgate. We've got plenty of people coming. The carnival from last year will be back and right next door to our tailgate. There will also be some interest new things, like deep fried pickles.

If you were waiting until the last minute to make a contribution to the tailgate (alumni only), it's here. Items we still need are in red on the equipment list at I will also be making the ritual Friday morning run to Nittany Beverage. I can pick up a case for you if you let me know.

When: April 22nd, 2006 0800 hrs until ???
Where: in the shadow of the pressbox, Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA

more info:

More events during BWW06

For the Glory.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ki-jana on Spring Break?

Got this photo from Dena - whose co-worker's brother (Kevin Bacon?) took this pic with KJ in Fort Lauderdale (we have a place in Fort Lauderdale) this past March. KiJana's still a cutie - but isn't he getting a little old for Spring Break? I love the dynamic of the picture you can certainly tell which one is the former #1 NFL draft pic.

Friday, April 07, 2006

More Blue/White Info

Much of the same information - announces NLC lunch at Bryce Jordan Center the day of the game (April 22nd). Admission is $20.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Blue White Schedules - Blue-White weekend April 21-22

As we've previously reported, the game is April 22nd at Beaver Stadium - the game is at 2pm but the Stadium opens at 12pm with an autograph session at 12:30pm - 1:15pm.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Per the Tailgating Coordinator


With only 17 more days left until the Blue/White game, I wanted to give you some updates.

* Kick off is 1400 hrs (2:00 PM). Admission is free.

* The tailgate starts at 0800 hrs. We will be meeting by parking circle in front of the Nittany Lion Inn at 0745 hrs and convoy in from there. Stuff can be dropped off with me at Sleep Inn or Chris at IMI on Friday. Consult the maps at [link] for more info.

* Alumni: check out the equipment list [link] and email me with items you'd like to bring

* If you know anyone who's coming, but isn't on this list yet, please let me know.

* Nittany Lions kick off spring football practice

What: Tailgating before, during and after the Blue/White game
When: April 22nd, 2006
Where: in the shadow of the pressbox, Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA
Why: to celebrate the return of spring and football to Happy Valley

more info:

You are receiving this email because you are coming to BWW06. If you are not, please notify me ASAP.

For the Glory.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Don't forget the carnival

Um, yeah, the Game itself isn't held outside of the stadium, but we get the idea.

Monday, March 27, 2006

We have a flag pole

We can let our freak flag fly! It's gorgeous!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Brainwashing campaign officially underway

For the next generation of PSU fans... As I had previously reported, Katie has already visited campus, the Corner Room, The Tavern, and her favorites, Animal Kingdom and The Growing Tree.

Katie and her little sister got PSU sweatshirts for Christmas (Santa is so on board). Kate enjoys wearing her sweatshirt she knows it makes me "so happy" and she loves yelling "Penn State!" Her parents (who, if I haven't mentioned are not Penn Staters) usually pair the sweatshirt with a matching pair of navy sweatpants - it's fabulous - she looks like a little wrestler.

Here's a picture of Kate in hers, practicing her "Don't I really deserve an A" look.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tailgating Website passes 1500 hits!

It's been a while since we've had new football/tailgating news to report - but with the beginning of spring practice (this weekend) and the upcoming Blue/White Scrimmage (April 22nd) it's time to get back into the swing of things!.

And the website ( has reached 1500 hits!

B/W Kick off at 2pm

Well, tentatively, anyway...

Per the CDT -

UNIVERSITY PARK -- The Penn State football team will culminate spring drills with the Blue-White Game, on April 22.

Kickoff is tentatively scheduled for 2 p.m. in Beaver Stadium. As in previous years, there will be no admission or parking fee for the Blue-White game.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blue White 2006

Per the Tailgating Coordinator (with a little editing from me):


Planning is about to begin for BWW06 on April 22th, 2006 at Beaver Stadium. It's going to be an awesome time. You will receive an email from us if you were on our list as "yes" for attendance. And you will be receiving further emails. If something has changed, please let me know (via email - or comment) that you are not coming or if you'd like info sent to another email address. No response is necessary if you are still coming.

If you would like to be added to our email list - please contact us through either or

All of the planning info can be found at:

Please take a look at the equipment list and make your contribution

Looking forward to seeing you,

Monday, March 13, 2006

Those stinkin' Penguins are red!

And here I thought they'd be black and white and wear top hats and tails - Nope - the Penguins of Youngstown State (I still have to shake my head and smile about their mascot choice) don red and black uniforms.

So, the reality of this observation is that we have 2 NO red tailgates this season - Penguins in Sept and Temple Owls in Nov.

Ya know - Tressell coached at YSU for 15 years - the seeds of the evil sweatervest were planted there.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Freezer is Full

Okay - we could fit more in if we reorganized - but, seriously, the chest freezer in Suz' garage (and the one atop the fridge, btw) is FULL!

We (especially Suz') went on a baking spree this weekend - mostly sweets, but a couple of savory items as well.

So very exciting - and everything is mighty tasty as usual.

And the Dieselers are planning a "flag pole party" later this month to make flag poles for some of the crew, including US! So that's super exciting - of course that also means that we have to get a flag. We have a couple PSU flags, but I think we're interested in designing a custom flag - and either have someone make it for us - or try to make it ourselves -

My boss is friends with a super duper talented artist who I hope to have design us a "lion" - or maybe we'll come up with something - we do have all spring and (most of) summer to work on it! Unless, of course, we want to have something ready for Blue/White - hmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, February 13, 2006

Blue/White prep has begun!

This weekend marked the beginning of the preparation for the Blue White scrimmage - recipes have been reviewed and selected - baking and shopping has begun.

We got a ton of supplies and ingredients - The Blue White game tailgate doesn't really have a specific "theme" other than "practice" - it's when we try out new recipes and equipment.

Suz' parents got her a small generator - so we're officially electric (boogie oogie oogie oog).

We got a new brownie and bar cookie book - with a lot of great recipes - Suz has already made 2 recipes from the book and we have many more planned.

The Blue/White is a "joint' tailgate with the Diesel Tailgate - our main responsibilities are snacks, desserts and a group beverage. Suz' is generally in-charge of the group beverage - she has been kicking around a few ideas during the "off" season - and I'm always ready to taste-test.

Blue White is April 22nd this year -

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

it's time...

to start planning/preparing for Blue/White 2006! Okay, the game is 2.5 months away - but HEY! it's only 2.5 months away! "Regular" football - other than the Pro-Bowl is now over.

We've purchased some new cookbooks/magazines filled with ideas and techniques.

I also have to work on the website - lot's of "blank spaces" to be filled.

I believe that we will commence baking this weekend. Yippee!

Friday, February 03, 2006

I really have to stay away from these negative karma posts


I read this on in the PSU football forum - and I just had to share...

Think Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" TV and Radio Ads... got the voice? Now read on. "Bud Light presents Real Men of Genius" (Reaaaaal Men Of Genius)

Today we salute you, Mr. Delusional Michigan Fan (Mr. Delusional Michigan Faaaaaan!)

Season after season, year after year, you try to justify your absurdly high preseason ranking (clutching at straws!)

Season after season, year after year, you scramble to make futile attempts at damage control when the Wolverines lose to a grossly inferior opponent (How'd Northwestern score fifty fouuuuuur?)

Inevitably, you'll bring up the past, and boast of National Championships won 40 years before you were born (those were the daaaaaays!)

You will point out that you have more wins than any other program as though that is relevant to the current season (been playing since the 1870s!)

Go on, ignore that home loss to your arch rivals in the regular season finale and continue to believe that you'll defeat your bowl opponent with striking ease (we'll win by thirteeeeeeey!)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, oh Emperor of Excuses,and take comfort knowing that when you don't finish in the top 25,you'll be back to number three when the preseason polls come out next year (Mr. Delusional Michigan Fan!)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Best Type O ever

I made the best type O today. I was working on a Trust part of which I was retyping from an older version - When I ran spell check - I had to laugh out loud when it was revealed that I had spelled "hereinafter" "beerinafter" - I think almost all legal documents should include this term going forward - at the very least our tailgates should.

Diesel Update (yes, it's time to start planning)

per the tailgating coordinator...

The date for Blue-White weekend has been confirmed. Our guess was correct, it is April 22nd, 2006.

To that end, I also have confirmed reservations for all of the 2006 football games. If you'd like a spot, please contact me directly. It's about $50/per weekend. If you already have a spot, you've already received an email from me.

Full tailgate schedule for 2006:
April 22nd, 2006 Blue-White Weekend
Sept 30th, 2006 Northwestern (Oktoberfest tailgate)
Oct 21st, 2006 Illinois (Homecoming)

For the Glory,
We Are . . Penn State!
`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(il),-'' (li),' ((!.-'

Thursday, January 26, 2006

not that I want any bad karma

BUT - Dena send me this photo from the Rose Bowl with the following prose....

Cheerleading and tumbling lessons and camps since age 3:


Annual cost of attending USC:


Annual cost for staying just the right shade of blonde:


Cheering when the other team (Texas) scores:


Of course, I contend that the USC song girls never tumble. Golly she looks like Cheerleader Barbie.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Poz' injury "minor" tears of ligaments - Poz' knee injury does not require surgery

Yeah! Penn State wins the Orange Bowl

My goodness, what a game!!! The Lions outlasted the Florida State Seminoles to win the 2006 Orange Bowl in TRIPLE overtime!!!

We had a great night - I'm not sure that the neighbors did, but we did!

That morning, walking to work, I realized that if it had been a home game I'd already be at the stadium, setting up the tailgate. Interestingly, the weather was very reminiscent of the Ohio State tailgate (an 8pm start where we got to the parking lots at 6am) - rainy and cold - of course it is january. I think I know why I tailgate - because I went nuts with anticipation during the day.

We had a spread of ante pasta goodies from the famous DiBruno Brothers cheese shop - but the highlight was our pulled pork sandwiches - slow cooked all afternoon - served with pickles and coleslaw (again, interestingly, what we served at the OSU tailgate). Delicious! And Suzanne had especially squeezed orange juice (from florida oranges brought home by her parents) which we used in our specialty drink "orangebowlinas".

Picture with Roary taken after the game - we look pretty tired - but pretty darn happy too!