Tuesday, October 24, 2006

this is a rant

In the wake of negative cheering; paternoville; having a beer in the parking lot during a PSU football game; Kerncraft 400 (ie Zombie Nation) Guess what PSU is now trying to phase out...Tailgating.

What? you say Tailgating? They'll never try to get rid of tailgating -it's an integral part of the Penn State experience - I'd have said the same thing, until last Saturday.

My ever faithful group of tailgaters and I were in line to park in Lot 13 at 06:30 Saturday morning - the lots opened at 7 and our convoy made its way to the front row of parking - as we exited our vehicles we noticed that the parking attendants were guiding the next row of cars remarkably close to our bumpers (seriously) - angry voices were shouting everywhere as the one attendant was yelling "park them closer - they want them closer" - I must have had a look of disbelief because she turned to me and said - "yeah, they're trying to phase out tailgating" - further dumbfounded I answered "tailgating? You can not be serious". To which she retorted "oh yes, it's out of control."

Out of control - I feel completely responsible for this - I apologize to the entire Penn State community for the 20 pounds of pulled pork and chicken that I brought into the lots, coupled with the 7 kinds of barbecue sauce, football shaped cake, pizza bread, keilbasa, chicken wings and other assorted snacks and desserts. I know that we, as a nation, and as a college community, have to take a responsible stance on the issue of consuming delicious foodstuffs outdoors, with great friends, in the number one college football arena, promoting camaraderie and team pride. Apparently it is an epidemic and must be stopped.

Or perhaps it's only in the "common man" parking (ie yellow) that is a target - because "preferred" parking was widely spaced and, of course there are no bans on canopies in reserved parking.

I am angry about this - and this post may well be the beginning of a letter to the editor of the CDT and/or Collegian - I've been "burnt" by those publications (okay edited) before - but I don't think we can just quietly sit by and let this happen.

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DenaMac said...

Phase out tailgating? Wonder whose grand plan this is? Ah, none other than Graham Spanier, who is part of the world's most evil triumvirate (along with Lloyd Carr, UM Head Coach, and Yoko Ono, for breaking up the Beatles).

Do they not realize that the 100,000 fans who tailgate at PSU Games are in the yellow lots, and will actually spend MORE money at the university sanctioned stores and downtown merchants when they're DRUNK and when the team WINS?

This is all part of Graham Spanier's plan to turn PSU from a party school into a institution more focused on academics. This all started with the tighter rules on alcohol on campus and at fraternity parties in the 90s.

No, wait. Actually, Spanier's hatred of fun started earlier, according to my mom's cousin Jim McDonald, who was a student at Northwestern with Spanier.

Spanier was Jim's dorm RA, and was such a stickler for the rules even then that he alienated the students on his floor. He'd hand out citations for the most minor infractions (noisy conversations in hallways, girls in the dorm room) just because he could. In Jim's words, he was "such a dorky d**khead then that I'm not surprised by what he's doing at PSU today".

There you have it.