Thursday, August 31, 2006

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Traveling to Happy Valley? Watch for these road projects

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Traveling to Happy Valley? Watch for these road projects

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Football tailgaters will face new rules

Centre Daily Times | 08/31/2006 | Football tailgaters will face new rules

Centre Daily Times - Soggy football forecast offered - Soggy football forecast offered

We may cancel the tailgate if it's really this bad - parking in a cow pasture just doesn't seem like a smart idea.

Out of touch = PSU community

Centre Daily Times | 08/30/2006 | Penn State announces partial alcohol ban at stadium

Football games are not your problem (except maybe ticket scalping - but that's another post) -

I have no doubt that this is a knee-jerk reaction to PSU being named the #2 party school in the Princeton review (behind U Texas) - of course very few folks mention that said study was conducted by interviewing around 300 students from each institution - Hello? we have 40K.

Personally, I see nothing (that) wrong with being on that list - if you check the academic records of the listed schools, we're in excellent academic company.

And the rain rain rain came down down down

Oh bother.

Rain - all day on Saturday - in the morning, in the evening (ain't we got puddles?)

Temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s - gotta find those closed toe shoes (where are they?) -

Rain gear, canopies and cheery dispositions will be necessities for this week's outing.

Here's hoping we get sun for ysu.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


And I thought Ernesto was going to be the only pain this weekend...

As feared, the Parking Committee has reared it's ugly head and has altered the parking maps.

Lot 13 is still available to Yellow Parking (note - only pre-paid) - but a large portion (ie, where we've been tailgating the last 2 years) has been sectioned off for Blue (prefered general admission) parking.

So there will be changes if you don't have a parking pass - AND our location will be changed as well.

If you are coming to the akron tailgate, please email us for our cell numbers (if you don't already have them); otherwise, we'll keep you posted here and at with updates after this weekend.

Ernesto, Ernesto

It would appear that Hurricane Ernesto has changed our "plenty of sunshine highs in the low 80s" forecast for Saturday to be "Cloudy and breezy with a chance of rain. High 69, Real Feel 66".

Monday, August 28, 2006

Diesel Update


Hello. Everyone's excited for football season this weekend. I can't belive it's finally here. We've got plenty of new tricks up our sleeves to make this tailgating season even better than last year.

Invites will be different for the 2006 season. We will be using Evite. It's easy and free. If you are using web-based email or have a spam blocker, please add "" to your address book now. Otherwise, the invitation may get blocked or lost. Expect to see the invitations in early September and October for our 2 diesel tailgates this season.

New for 2006: You can use paypal to send me money to pay for tailgate items, beer, hotel reservations or just to donate . It's free for both of us.

More tailgate info:

For the Glory,
Tailgating Coordinator

PENN STATE v akron

Hey Penn Staters,

It's finally time for football season!!!! On September 2nd Penn State hosts the university of akron and zippy the kangaroo (he's been the mascot since 1953 - apparently the kangaroo, and, as you'll see in a future email, the penguin, are indigenous to ohio). Kick off is at 3:30pm and the game will be televised on ESPN 2. The Zips sport blue and old gold uniforms - so break out the silver jewelry/accessories/riveted jeans -

We will be tailgating in Lot 13 (this is, of course, barring any last minute craziness by the parking committee) - the lots open at 8am.

We'll be serving grilled seafood and salad - let us know if you'll be around so we can plan accordingly.

Check out for more information (and our blog -

There is a ton of chatter on the internet about pre-season rankings. Most pundits rank PSU in the high teens (#19 on AP poll). There are a lot of questions to be answered: offensive line, D-line, young secondary, young wideouts, no tight end, role of running game, and, of course, Mr. Morelli.

According to Joe, Akron is a tough team - they have a good running back and a great quarterback - never underestimate or look past an opponent (this maybe the most difficult week, ever, to keep true to that adage, but we can try).

Fight on State!


Friday, August 25, 2006

Limited Number of seats available for 3 games - Limited Number Tickets Remain for Three Nittany Lions' Home Games

can you guess which 3? can you? Apparently the teams have returned a "portion" of their allotment - bully for us.

Sept 2nd;
Sept 16th; and,
Nov 11th

Friday, August 11, 2006

Oktoberfest 2006

Planning planning planning! Time to get ready for football season and our first Diesel Tailgate! September 30th marks our 4th annual Oktoberfest!

With the power that is the Diesel Tailgate we expect this to be the best Beer Garten yet! Check out the planning page(s) on the Diesel site ( and get ready for some fun!