Thursday, August 02, 2007



So, I've been blogging a lot more about tailgating on the Football blog lately, so I'm "retiring" this blog - my ultimate plan is to consolidate -

So go check out for all your Penn State football and tailgating needs (and/or wants)!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I love the nightlife...

Game times have been announced for three key home football games.

PENN STATE v notre dame - September 8th @ 6:00pm
PENN STATE v wisconsin - October 13th @ 3:30pm
PENN STATE v tosu - October 27th @ 8:00pm

The nd & tosu games are going to be crazy - absolutely crazy.

All three games are "bigguns" and should be colossal tailgates - Wisconsin is Homecoming and a Diesel Tailgate; tosu is a Diesel Tailgate; and, well, and notre dame is notre dame.

Outdoor dance floors for everyone!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

Tentative Tailgating Themes

Strictly ignoring the news out of Centre County... LA LA LA LA LA LA LA - I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Let's talk tailgating.

Very enthused by the awesomeness of the Blue White Tailgate - we did some brainstorming on the trip home regarding the fall festivities.

There are 8 tailgates this year (DON'T FORGET TEMPLE). Seven home and one away.

September 1st - Florida International - We're thinking - Seafood. Last time we tried this there was a freakin' hurricane - so there's no telling what mother nature will throw at us this year.

September 8th - notre dame - still under consideraton

September 15th - Buffalo - leaning toward a retro theme. Martinis for everyone.

October 6th - Iowa - Oktoberfest, of course. The last weekend of the festival - we'll do it up right with brats, sauerkraut und beer.

October 13th - Wisconsin - Homecoming - the preliminary choice is Fiesta - with the legendary nacho bar.

October 27th - Ohio State - Still thinking

November 3rd - Purdue - French - you read that right - FRENCH! oooh la la. With onion soup, beef burgundy, and other yummalicious items.

November 10th - Temple - at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA - What else? Italian, prego.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Blue White Tailgate Pictures

I took a lot of pictures at the game, understandably (megalomaniac), most of them were of the cake. We had a whole bunch of other great food! There were the standby burgers, brisket, chili and deep fried goodies (from cheese wontons to whole turkey) - along with a great variety of snacks and desserts. Some favorites of the day were: marinated cheese (2 kinds!); homemade biscotti ("they're like cookies...but harder"); tarts (lemon, blackberry and me!); grilled

marinated vegetables; insalata caprese bites; shrimps on the barbie; navy blue jello shots. Bestest "keeper" original recipe of the event? Chocolate covered pretzel tart (chocolate & nutella pie with pretzel crust and topped with pirouline cookies - yes, it was that good). The big surprise of the day?? Duck's beercan chickens - you kidder you! Favorite quote of the day? "I thought artichokes were vegetables." Items lost to the abyss of

the MaxCooler? Pizza Steak bread; pepperoni pinwheels (treason!); chicken bites; kielbasa (say it ain't so!!!!!). More Blue White pix and commentary at FOOTBALL.

Monday, April 23, 2007

mmm, cake

I had already planned to make the stadium cake for the Blue White game - but after the events of April 16th, I altered my design plan, a bit. I had read in the Daily Collegian that some kids were organizing a color block "VT" in support of Virginia Tech, and that they needed 800 volunteers - apparently the PSU administration also heard about the effort, because they (PSU) donated the 800 t-shirts on a "first come" basis. The outpouring of

support and solidarity was amazing and reassuring. So, I wanted to make sure that "our" stadium was as spirited as the real one... a few pictures...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blue White 2007

Getting ready for the Blue White game - things are crazy with the team right now - but we're soldiering on with our preparations.

The game is Saturday, April 21st, at 2pm. Parking lots open at 8am - and we'll be there when they do. We'll be parking in the lots outside the West stands.

Click Here for directions/info

The "theme" is, as always "Practice" - but we're adding an Italian flair this year (in honor of coach Paterno).

Currently, the forecast has no rain...

Hope to see you there!