Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The baking has begun

Finally - although I can not take any credit for it. Suzanne championed the inaugural culinary confections. I was there, however, to taste-test 2 new recipes (courtesy of America's Test Kitchen) - Delicious. It was, a bit of a sacrifice too - as I am not a fan of berry/fruit filled desserts - I took one for the team and sampled the new berry bar - I thought it was fantastic - so those of you who actually like the flavor(s) are sure to love it!

I, for my part, placed an order with Genuardi's supermarket to deliver some groceries - many of which are tailgate related items. So that's a start. I clicked on a bunch of stuff, and tomorrow after work I will sit in the house and wait for the delivery guy to bring the groceries to me and carry them into the kitchen.

Monday, February 19, 2007

let's get it started


It's time to start planning/preparing for the Penn State Blue White scrimmage (and practice tailgate) - I'm not sure when the kids are allowed to officially start training - but it's time for us to get baking!

The Blue White tailgate, much like the game, is a practice tailgate - a time to try out new equipment, recipes, clothing - everything.

This year the game is scheduled for April 21st - at 2pm. We'll be arriving at the parking lots, when they open, so to get a good spot. Parking (and admission into the game) are free - so it's a great opportunity to see the Lions without much stress.

New to our equipment cache are a propane fueled coffee maker, a fondue pot (specifically purchased for Chuck's Cheese sauce) as well as an assortment of new cookbooks and decorations.

The "theme" for Blue White is Italian - looking forward to that.