Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One month, one week!

From Email sent to football faithful...

Hello Penn Staters!

Off Seasons Greetings! We hope that this finds you all well and
at least mildly entertained by your respective non-college football
diversions (mine: World Cup) while you count down the hours until

We're writing today to ask if you (and/or anyone you might know to be
interested in such) are planning to be at any home games this year.

Penn State hosts 7 home games this year, including the return of
michigan to Happy Valley as well as old East Coast rival Temple. The
first 2 home games Akron (Sept 2nd) and Youngstown State (Sept 16th)
bookend the Lions' first "big game" of the season against notre dame in
South Bend. We will be joining tailgating forces with the Diesel
Tailgaters for the September 30th game against Northwestern (scheduled
theme: Oktoberfest, of course) and the October 21st Homecoming matchup
against Illinois. November brings the Temple Owls back to town (11/11)
and the Lions finish off the season at home against michigan state

Oh yeah, and the PSU um game is September 14th, with an 8pm kickoff
(like I'd forget that one) - as the start time suggests (nay, demands),
it will be a day long extravaganza.

We're starting to compose our menus and shopping lists, so let us know
if you're going to be around and we will plan accordingly.

As always, please feel free to forward our email to anyone you think
may be interested (or send us their email); the more the merrier!

Madeline and Suzanne.