Monday, February 19, 2007

let's get it started


It's time to start planning/preparing for the Penn State Blue White scrimmage (and practice tailgate) - I'm not sure when the kids are allowed to officially start training - but it's time for us to get baking!

The Blue White tailgate, much like the game, is a practice tailgate - a time to try out new equipment, recipes, clothing - everything.

This year the game is scheduled for April 21st - at 2pm. We'll be arriving at the parking lots, when they open, so to get a good spot. Parking (and admission into the game) are free - so it's a great opportunity to see the Lions without much stress.

New to our equipment cache are a propane fueled coffee maker, a fondue pot (specifically purchased for Chuck's Cheese sauce) as well as an assortment of new cookbooks and decorations.

The "theme" for Blue White is Italian - looking forward to that.

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