Friday, April 27, 2007

Tentative Tailgating Themes

Strictly ignoring the news out of Centre County... LA LA LA LA LA LA LA - I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Let's talk tailgating.

Very enthused by the awesomeness of the Blue White Tailgate - we did some brainstorming on the trip home regarding the fall festivities.

There are 8 tailgates this year (DON'T FORGET TEMPLE). Seven home and one away.

September 1st - Florida International - We're thinking - Seafood. Last time we tried this there was a freakin' hurricane - so there's no telling what mother nature will throw at us this year.

September 8th - notre dame - still under consideraton

September 15th - Buffalo - leaning toward a retro theme. Martinis for everyone.

October 6th - Iowa - Oktoberfest, of course. The last weekend of the festival - we'll do it up right with brats, sauerkraut und beer.

October 13th - Wisconsin - Homecoming - the preliminary choice is Fiesta - with the legendary nacho bar.

October 27th - Ohio State - Still thinking

November 3rd - Purdue - French - you read that right - FRENCH! oooh la la. With onion soup, beef burgundy, and other yummalicious items.

November 10th - Temple - at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA - What else? Italian, prego.

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