Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Blue White Tailgate Pictures

I took a lot of pictures at the game, understandably (megalomaniac), most of them were of the cake. We had a whole bunch of other great food! There were the standby burgers, brisket, chili and deep fried goodies (from cheese wontons to whole turkey) - along with a great variety of snacks and desserts. Some favorites of the day were: marinated cheese (2 kinds!); homemade biscotti ("they're like cookies...but harder"); tarts (lemon, blackberry and me!); grilled

marinated vegetables; insalata caprese bites; shrimps on the barbie; navy blue jello shots. Bestest "keeper" original recipe of the event? Chocolate covered pretzel tart (chocolate & nutella pie with pretzel crust and topped with pirouline cookies - yes, it was that good). The big surprise of the day?? Duck's beercan chickens - you kidder you! Favorite quote of the day? "I thought artichokes were vegetables." Items lost to the abyss of

the MaxCooler? Pizza Steak bread; pepperoni pinwheels (treason!); chicken bites; kielbasa (say it ain't so!!!!!). More Blue White pix and commentary at FOOTBALL.

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