Monday, August 28, 2006

PENN STATE v akron

Hey Penn Staters,

It's finally time for football season!!!! On September 2nd Penn State hosts the university of akron and zippy the kangaroo (he's been the mascot since 1953 - apparently the kangaroo, and, as you'll see in a future email, the penguin, are indigenous to ohio). Kick off is at 3:30pm and the game will be televised on ESPN 2. The Zips sport blue and old gold uniforms - so break out the silver jewelry/accessories/riveted jeans -

We will be tailgating in Lot 13 (this is, of course, barring any last minute craziness by the parking committee) - the lots open at 8am.

We'll be serving grilled seafood and salad - let us know if you'll be around so we can plan accordingly.

Check out for more information (and our blog -

There is a ton of chatter on the internet about pre-season rankings. Most pundits rank PSU in the high teens (#19 on AP poll). There are a lot of questions to be answered: offensive line, D-line, young secondary, young wideouts, no tight end, role of running game, and, of course, Mr. Morelli.

According to Joe, Akron is a tough team - they have a good running back and a great quarterback - never underestimate or look past an opponent (this maybe the most difficult week, ever, to keep true to that adage, but we can try).

Fight on State!


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