Thursday, November 09, 2006


While the Lions have been struggling a bit on the field and poor Joe keeps getting knocked about - the tailgates have been a great success and tons of fun.

This weekend the Nittany Lions host the Temple Owls. Kickoff (hopefully we'll be onsides) is at 3:30pm and the game will be televised regionally on ESPN. The Owls have had another tough year, but they are rebuilding - their coach, Al Golden, is a former PSU player and he is dedicated to turning the program around, both athletically and academically. Temple's colors are Cherry and White - so leave your Strawberry Shortcake umbrella at home....

Because (no umbrellas are allowed in the stadium, and,) yes, it's forecasted to rain. High temperatures in the 50s but showers during the day.

Parking lots open at 8am - my guess is that we'll roll in around that time (assuming that the showers are scattered) - We park in the western half (yellow) of Lot 13 - email us for cell phone numbers if you don't already have them.

We'll be serving chili with fixins - with other tasty treats. Please come join us if you're going to be around. All are welcome (if you can, give us a call or email beforehand so we can add another can of beans).

Remember to root for the Lions as they fight fight fight against the Cherry and the White!

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