Monday, February 13, 2006

Blue/White prep has begun!

This weekend marked the beginning of the preparation for the Blue White scrimmage - recipes have been reviewed and selected - baking and shopping has begun.

We got a ton of supplies and ingredients - The Blue White game tailgate doesn't really have a specific "theme" other than "practice" - it's when we try out new recipes and equipment.

Suz' parents got her a small generator - so we're officially electric (boogie oogie oogie oog).

We got a new brownie and bar cookie book - with a lot of great recipes - Suz has already made 2 recipes from the book and we have many more planned.

The Blue/White is a "joint' tailgate with the Diesel Tailgate - our main responsibilities are snacks, desserts and a group beverage. Suz' is generally in-charge of the group beverage - she has been kicking around a few ideas during the "off" season - and I'm always ready to taste-test.

Blue White is April 22nd this year -

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