Monday, March 06, 2006

The Freezer is Full

Okay - we could fit more in if we reorganized - but, seriously, the chest freezer in Suz' garage (and the one atop the fridge, btw) is FULL!

We (especially Suz') went on a baking spree this weekend - mostly sweets, but a couple of savory items as well.

So very exciting - and everything is mighty tasty as usual.

And the Dieselers are planning a "flag pole party" later this month to make flag poles for some of the crew, including US! So that's super exciting - of course that also means that we have to get a flag. We have a couple PSU flags, but I think we're interested in designing a custom flag - and either have someone make it for us - or try to make it ourselves -

My boss is friends with a super duper talented artist who I hope to have design us a "lion" - or maybe we'll come up with something - we do have all spring and (most of) summer to work on it! Unless, of course, we want to have something ready for Blue/White - hmmmmmmmmmm

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