Friday, January 06, 2006

Yeah! Penn State wins the Orange Bowl

My goodness, what a game!!! The Lions outlasted the Florida State Seminoles to win the 2006 Orange Bowl in TRIPLE overtime!!!

We had a great night - I'm not sure that the neighbors did, but we did!

That morning, walking to work, I realized that if it had been a home game I'd already be at the stadium, setting up the tailgate. Interestingly, the weather was very reminiscent of the Ohio State tailgate (an 8pm start where we got to the parking lots at 6am) - rainy and cold - of course it is january. I think I know why I tailgate - because I went nuts with anticipation during the day.

We had a spread of ante pasta goodies from the famous DiBruno Brothers cheese shop - but the highlight was our pulled pork sandwiches - slow cooked all afternoon - served with pickles and coleslaw (again, interestingly, what we served at the OSU tailgate). Delicious! And Suzanne had especially squeezed orange juice (from florida oranges brought home by her parents) which we used in our specialty drink "orangebowlinas".

Picture with Roary taken after the game - we look pretty tired - but pretty darn happy too!

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