Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

Well, we did tailgate, but not in Lot 13 (or anywhere near there) - so I, sadly, can not report first hand about the parking changes.

We parked in the Eisenhower parking garage - under cover and just a short walk to the stadium - no open flames (we brought pre-heated food) and no open container (they weren't "open" for long) - but it was a really great "alternative venue" - it was a small group and we just couldn't stomach the idea of sitting in the mud for 5 hours just to go and sit in the rain for 4 hours just to have to go home and clean everything. That morning we went to Wegmans and got some fried chicken, ribs and potato pancakes from the deli, some cheeses and meats. We re-heated the food at mom's and filled our thermos carafes with hot water. Mr & Mrs Olah brought delicious treats from the family farm, including fresh salsa and roasted red peppers. It was a pretty good spread and we were so happy to be out of the elements, especially the mud!

So it worked out great - the new career development building and new creamery provided warm, dry and clean bathrooms. We parked in an "end spot" and had a whole "Xed out" area to set up the tables and chairs.

At around 2pm we donned our rain gear (rubber suits for grown ups) and we headed over to the stadium - We walked around the North end of the stadium and I noticed that the "blue parking" in lot 13 was not full, but, as we expected, the yellow parking is in that next area - it was pretty full. The lots looked terrible though - puddles of mud.

we got to our seats about 50 minutes before the game and were able to see the kids warming up and listen to the band.

The game was good - Morelli surprised me - lots of work to be done before next week; lots.

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