Monday, July 11, 2005

Potluck Party

I went to a Potluck dinner party this past weekend - that's like an indoor tailgate, with no football game.

The "theme", if you will, was "ethnic" - the idea was that each of the guests would bring a dish from their "ethnic background".

The guests brought a variety of dishes - from pulled pork (Carolina style) to basmati rice with spicy chickpeas.

It was a really friendly atmosphere and it was sort of an icebreaker for people to talk about themselves and their background(s).

I myself took cheese and crackers - the kitchen at home was sorta disabled - so I opted for "less" preparation. I took Fontina (Swedish), Kraft Old English spread, Cheddar, herbed Brie, Goat and a variation of Suzanne's "poorman's Boursin" (I used fresh thyme and parsley from the garden).

It was a lovely party - and the cheese did get eaten - to the point it was cut - just like the tailgate - if you cut it, they will eat it. (ha ha - cut the cheese).

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