Friday, July 08, 2005

2 months to go

Okay - It's July. The first games of the season are just 2 months away. It's a little early to start food preparation - but just a little.

This summer for Blue White we did a lot of baking ahead of time. We made a bizillion different desserts, froze them and then defrosted them for the game. So I'm thinking that if I start baking now, I can have a bunch of stuff ready for the season which we can then pick and choose to have for the different weeks. Plus it's a way to diffuse some of my "football energy" - I've been getting some emails from the football faithful - and folks are ready for some football!

Not that I want to wish the summer away - but - how I long for a crisp sunny autumn afternoon with the smell of charred animal flesh and decaying foliage in the air to spend with 106,000 of my closest friends!

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