Monday, January 08, 2007

Per the Tailgating Coordinator

Thanks to all of you who voted. Your votes have been counted and our 2007 tailgate schedule has been posted at:

****For those who can't wait to know... The tailgates are Notre Dame; Wisconsin (HC); and, Temple (Away).

As happens every January, hotel reservations need to be made for the regular season. Chris and I will be making reservations at IMI and Sleep Inn respectively.

Due to problems in 2006 and the fact that I'm married (and thus own nothing ;-) ), I will only be making reservations for eople who pay me in full ($85/weekend) before Jan 19th.

Please contact Chris ( or me ( if you want a spot with us. Generally, all hotels in the area will be completely booked by the end of this month and then you'll be SOL.

More info

Reservations for Blue/White Weekend will be made after the date is officially announced.

For the Glory,

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